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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Arklow Tour - Day 7

Last nights entertainment was 'the house of stories'. I didn't know what to expect. It started at 8.30 with a 'band' who were shockingly bad! Not helped by the fact that they kicked off the night with 3 very slow depressing songs. Then a lady from Dublin was invited up to sing which was equally depressing but at least it was kind of in tune! It soon became apparent the success of the evening was all down to audience participation. Any one who wanted could go up on stage to sing, tell a story, read poetry, or entertain in any way they wanted. There was no competition, everyone was equal. The first half an hour was very dull and boring and I was fearing a long night ahead. It was then our very own Sister Sabina took to the stage. The Sister was once a school headmistress and she was telling of funny letters sent in to school from parents explaining why their child had not been at school or asking permission to leave early. The first she read was this: 'Please allow Tommy to leave school early today as he has an appointment at the opticians with his eyes and they usually close at 4!' From there on they just got better and the whole crowd were just bursting with laughter. The story tellers from then got better and there were some very good stories told and songs sung. There was a waltzing competition just for fun, and what started out as a very dull and dreary evening, turned into quite an enjoyable one, although I don't think it's something I'd like to sit through regularly!

It was about midnight when I headed off to bed with all my glass sized bottles of wine which kept appearing in front of me throughout the evening. I must be bringing home 10 bottles in my case!

This morning, all that had to be done after a rather large breakfast was to load the luggage onto the coach. Because everyone had been so late every morning I told them all to be on the coach half an hour earlier than they needed to be. But they were all ready half an hour before that! Typical! So then I had a lot of time to kill! 

I'm now on the fast ferry heading back to Holyhead. I should easily get back to Birmingham and finish work with 2 hrs left for the pub! It's been a good week, I've enjoyed it very much. It's looking at the moment that I will be bringing this group to County Mayo next year, so long as they can get the hotel booked. It's been nice to see so many familiar faces on this trip, and because they had me joining in with everything this week, they have made me honorary Irish! I like the Irish as a race but I hope there aren't too many of their traits rubbing off on me!