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Monday, 22 July 2013

Norfolk Tour -Day 1

This morning I am heading off to Norfolk for 4 days with a gardening club who have requested me after taking them to Sussex last year. They all arrived at the yard and it was really nice to see so many familiar friendly faces, and they were all pleased to see me.

When I was loading the luggage, a lady came over to me, very excited, saying "she's gone into labour! We may be celebrating tonight. Isn't it wonderful!" So I'm stood there, nodding and smiling, thinking 'what Are you talking about!'

So we hit the road. The chat on the coach was all about 'she' has gone into labour. I was still oblivious to who they were talking about. I thought it couldn't be anyone who came with us last year because I very much doubt any of them are still young enough to be having babies! It took me an hour and a half to realise that they were talking about Kate Middleton and that the royal baby was on the way! Just shows how I live in my own little bubble!

So our first stop was at the Cambridge university botanic gardens. I dropped them off and went to park up. Got the deck chair out and enjoyed the sun. I picked them up after an early lunch and we headed for the next visit of the day, a private garden just outside of Dereham. The owner of the garden had given directions saying don't worry about the sign saying unsuitable for HGVs! Usually a good one to take notice of, even though I'm not HGV. She said I'd have to go that way because I probably wouldn't fit on the lane from the other direction but not to worry because she had a large turning circle at the front of her house where I could turn around. I hope she knows how long 13m is!

WRONG! No way was this coach getting through that little gate, turning around and getting out! Stupid woman! So I had to carry on down the lane where she thought I wouldn't fit to turn around and come back up. She was nearly right! I nearly didn't fit! But I'm sure there will be a lot more of that this week, trying to get to these places you shouldn't be taking a coach!

Anyway, the passengers didn't particularly like this garden because there was no where to sit in the shade but I thought it all looked very pretty and there was a nice cup of tea and cake! 

From there we had a short drive to our next private garden and back onto proper roads! The temperature this afternoon is 32 C and the air is very still. I am So uncomfortably hot! We are not on the coach for long enough for the air con to really kick in and that's how it will be for the remainder of the trip. We are just not going to be covering the mileage. I was looking forward to a swim when I got to the hotel but I don't think I'll have time before dinner so it will have to be a cold shower. I'm not liking having to wear collar and tie either. It's men's clothes. I shouldn't have to. Rant over!

We arrived at the De Vere Dunston Hall Hotel, a very impressive looking building, checked in in record time and went to our rooms to change for dinner. 

I have a very nice air conditioned room with ceiling fan! Ooooooh! It was so nice to get in from the heat. After a very quick cold shower and change we had dinner. I didn't have a starter so I had 2 desserts! Must resist tomorrow!

So now I'm off to bed feeling rather gluttonous and tired. We have another early start tomorrow, leave at 0830hrs. 0830! Do they not realise this is supposed to be a holiday! Goodnight x