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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Norfolk Tour - Day 2

This mornings early start was delayed by Mike oversleeping and us being 20 mins late. How selfish! That's 20 mins extra I could have had in bed! 

Our first visit today was to a nursery who is a wholesaler to garden centres and event organisers. It was raining when we arrived and when the budding Charlie Dimmocks got off the coach, they were dangerously close to having a wet t-shirt contest for pensioners! Not a pretty sight! This was a boring visit for me and as soon as I'd had my cup of tea, I disappeared back to the coach.

Our next visit, I thought, was very good. It was another nursery but much smaller, which specialised in rare and exotic plants. There were also a variety of birds and animals.

Ben, who owns this nursery, works alongside conservation groups and houses some birds and animals before they are rereleased into the wild.

This owl seemed quite put out that so many people kept putting a camera in her face while she was trying to sleep and her offspring plumped his feathers and was growling, obviously not keen on the attention!

There was also a raven with quite a wicked look about him. While I was stood at the wire trying to take his photo, he flew at me, making me jump backwards and fall over a chicken! Good thing no one was about to see it, although I did do it quite gracefully!

We had lunch laid on for us after some time to buy plants. I think I will run out of locker space at this rate.

It's was interesting driving to and from this nursery, single track country lanes, overhanging trees, bends where I barely fit round, you know, usual stuff, then park in a field. Good thing it's been so dry lately.

Our final visit for the day was to Bressingham gardens and steam museum. We were there for 3hrs which gave me just enough time to use my free tickets on all 3 steam trains, a quick wiz round the garden and, not forgetting to fit in, a cup of tea and cake on my free lunch voucher!

This photo doesn't actually show off the best bits of this beautiful garden and I don't really know why I didn't take a better one but it will do for now! I ran out of time before going around the exhibition hall but still, I had a good afternoon acting the kid!

So it was back to the hotel and another rush to get ready for dinner. Another nice meal with good company. And the best news I had heard all day, I have an extra half an hour in bed in the morning! Oh yeah, and the country has a new baby Prince. Any bets on his name? Goodnight x