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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Lille Tour - Day 3

After a very exciting party last night with everyone disappearing off to bed at about 1030, I had a lie in this morning. :-)

So far, today has been very uneventful. We left the hotel at 1130 this morning to come to Brugge. After dropping off,I went to fuel and to find a supermarket to stock up on the wine and beer supplies! I found plenty of supermarkets, but all were shut with it being Sunday. So parked up and pottered about the coach doing boring stuff. We're here long enough to have our evening meal so I will go for a wonder into town with my camera. But so far has been a very average working day.

So now I'm back in the hotel after a very pleasant day. I did go for a walk into town and took millions of pictures of this very photogenic place. Only downside was there were always people in my way!

I wandered around and decided I would try to find an Italian restaurant which I had used before and found to be very nice. I remembered it being just off the market square next door to an Irish pub called the Druids cellar, where I had taken a group of students 2 years previous, who were all musicians and between them did a gig there. As I was approaching the restaurant I bumped into some of our group who said that our group leader was in the Irish pub and would be pleased to see me. So I went in to find him chatting up the barmaid with his wife sat next to him shaking her head!
I mentioned I was going to the Italian for dinner and they asked if they could join me. 8 of us in total. We had a very pleasant meal before I had to return to the coach and get back to the pick up point, where I found our group leader harassing a poor Belgian local, telling him they could be twins! Our group leader looks like Santa and this Belgian man also had a bald head, white beard, and unfortunately for him, they were both wearing pale chinos with a red sweater. Initially, the man didn't understand what was going on but soon twigged and took it all in good humour, agreeing to have their photo taken!

We got back to the hotel and I was invited to another 'party'! So I went to join them. 

Although nothing 'exciting' has happened today, it has been good. Everyone has enjoyed themselves and I'm having a pretty easy time. I don't think it would matter where I took this group, they would make the most of it and enjoy themselves, probably in a local pub! All is good :-)