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Monday, 24 June 2013

Arklow Tour - Day 2

Well things didn't quite go to plan last night! We had early dinner at 6pm. Too early if you ask me, makes for a very long evening, especially when most of the group are in the bar until 3 or 4am! After dinner I went for a walk along the beach, waiting with my camera for last nights 'super moon' to appear. After experimenting with different settings I am quite pleased with some of the results. Those will be uploaded next week. It was about 10.30 when I got back to the hotel and the Guinness was flowing and the music was well underway. And yes, my group were warbling along once again. The really funny thing is, they all consider themselves to be singers. Drowning cats have sounded better!

I went to my room and had a lie down. Just for 10mins. When I woke up at 1am, the music was still going and I could hear there were still a lot of people in the bar. But I went to bed.

At breakfast this morning, Queenie (group leader), gave me a good telling off for not having a drink with them last night, saying I'm a very naughty girl! All the group are pensioners and they put me to shame. They stay up drinking into the early hours every night and then turn up for breakfast at 8 o'clock looking as bright as a button! Anyway, I've been forced to promise to have a drink with them this evening. I have to keep an eye on them though because they will have drinks lined up in front of me all night if I'm not careful and I'm driving tomorrow! This group just don't understand the drink drive laws and think that everyone would drive better under the influence!

So today I have the day off. I've cleaned the coach ready for our councillor guest who is coming with us tomorrow. Now I have the rest of the day to myself. Most of the group have gone off to the shopping centre down the road, but that doesn't really interest me, so I will go off exploring somewhere, although I think I will probably end up on the beach again unless I can find a river walk. That's all for now, hope you all have a good day. :-)

Well I'm now back at the hotel after walking as far as the coast path went and further! About 4 miles. I started along the promenade which runs the length of Arklow Bay.

It seems that this is where everyone in town comes to walk their dog judging by the amount of muck everywhere and the place stinks of it so I was looking forward to reaching the end of the promenade to find the beach and the coastal path.

This was more like it. Away from people, on my own, listening to the sea. But when I got down down on the beach, I found that this must be a regular spot for fly tippers. All sorts of things dropped off the cliff onto the beach from shopping trolleys to gas cookers to old furniture. It also became apparent that this was the regular haunt of the local drop outs. Empty cans and broken bottles littered the whole length of the beach and it was smelly. So after a bit of rock climbing I continued along the coastal path. It became a bit hair raising at times, getting really narrow with a sheer drop down to the beach. Not good with my jelly knees! I came to a place where a small stream ran down from the fields and over the edge of the cliff. The path was all overgrown and I couldn't see exactly where the water was running and it was all boggy either side, but someone had placed an old piece of railway sleeper and a piece of ply board across the boggy bit. It looked really dodgy and my jelly knees persuaded me, now is the time to turn back!

I wouldn't describe the coast line here as being spectacular, but on a nice day like today it is pleasant. Having said that, I'm sure it would be spectacular in a storm. It's just a shame that it has been spoilt by the minority.

I've not been into the town of Arklow itself yet, I've not seen or heard anything to tempt me. County Wicklow describes itself as being the 'garden of Ireland'. I was looking forward to coming to see this part of Ireland, but to be honest, so far I'm disappointed. :-(

I think I just about have time now for a cheeky Irish coffee before getting ready for dinner. ;-)
After dinner we had entertainment. A man singing while he played the keyboard and occasionally he gave the trumpet a blast! He wasn't the best but it was a fun evening. I'm now off to bed. Just a quick question. Why is it when you're dancing with the older generation you start to dance like them? Shuffling feet and moving your arms like you're milking a cow? Or is it just me??? Goodnight. x