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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Arklow Tour - Day 4

Today has been my favourite day so far. We left Paddy and Paddy behind today and headed up to Glendalough in the Wicklow Mountains. The majority didn't manage the mile walk out to the lake and spent their 2 hrs in the tea room. The weather was gorgeous and I would have happily spent the whole day here.

The main path was paved all the way up to the lake and after walking for just 5 mins I was out on my own. As I followed the path, I walked around the corner to find a red deer just stood in the middle of the path, not 10 ft from me. I carefully tried to get my camera as a man with a dog came round the corner behind me and spooked him, so I had missed my photo opportunity. So I carried on up to the lake which was just beautiful.

From there we headed off for the Meeting of the Waters. I was expecting a dramatic scene of two rivers meeting, white water, rocks and rapids. What I found was just the meeting of the waters! A bit disappointing but still very pretty.

One of our ladies accidentally threw her glasses in the river. 'Nina will get them! She's young enough to climb down and wade in!' I was relieved to hear that I was too quick for anyone to get a photo of me with my trousers up round my thighs! Honestly! The things I have to do!

 We then went to Avoca. The little town where Ballykissangel was filmed. We saw the famous pub and the church but there was no parking for me so we went on to the woollen mill for a quick spot of shopping. 

We arrived back at the hotel at 3pm so that everyone could have a rest before sprucing up for the big night tonight.

There is no getting out of this one! The hotel is very busy and there have been 2 other coaches turn up for it. We have met a man here who is a professor at Trinity College. He has been telling us all, if we want to see some proper dancing to watch out for him tonight because he's really good and he's going to win the trophy. I can't understand how he must be able to keep his balance whilst dancing when he has such an oversized head! But Birmingham is hopeful that we will bring home the trophy. We'll see. But it should all be good fun anyway.

Well it's been a fantastic night. Unfortunately we're not bringing the trophy home but we did get 3rd place. The guy with the big head got nowhere! Those sods were supplying me with too much drink again and I now have enough wine to last me a month! I have learnt how to dance an old time waltz and really enjoyed the whole evening. Now time for bed because I'm going to gaol tomorrow!