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Monday, 20 May 2013

Strasbourg tour

Well! Where to start! I don't feel I've come off so well this time. Although I am in one of my favourite regions of France, the Alsace, I'm not so keen to be here this time. We travelled across the channel and down to Reims yesterday where we stopped overnight. The weather gradually deteriorated as the day went on. An early start this morning to get to Strasbourg in time for lunch and the rain just kept coming. I've not gelled with this group like I normally do and I'm finding them quite hard work. I've not really been off the coach all day because this rain just won't give up. Hopefully it'll be dry tomorrow and the rest of the week. 

We're staying in Kehl, just across the Rhine into Germany. I've had to go out to find dinner this evening and, not having found my bearings around town yet or sussed out the supposed abundance of restaurants, ended up walking aimlessly in the rain around the town centre finding a lot of kebab houses and fast food and plenty of what were signed up as 'bistro' but were not my idea of the same thing. Grotty looking bars, full of gambling machines, with plenty of people in drinking but no one eating. Never a good sign! Finally, I found restaurant Alexandro. I had a very nice meal, lamb filet, my favourite! I've remembered the quick way to get back there tomorrow night! 

With trying to speak French during the day and German at night my brain is going to mush and I'm getting very confused! I'm not good at either language at the best of times! So I've decided I only need to know 1 phrase in each language. 'sprechen Sie Englisch?' And 'Vous parlez anglais !' Both meaning, 'do you speak English?'! I only have a problem then if the answer is no!

Tomorrow we are picking up a guide to take us round the wine route. Could be an interesting day because the last time I worked with this particular guide, we had a bust up! Hey ho! Come what may! I can be be professional and tomorrow I will find out if she can be! If she shows up!