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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Day 3 of Paris tour

So far has been a very good day! This morning, Martine joined us at our hotel to take us on a guided city tour of Paris.

She was a lovely lady, although quite quirky, and she was so full of knowledge and information I don't think our 3hrs with her really did her justice. Nevertheless, she took us around some of the sights of Paris, Arc de Triomphe, Champs Élysées, Le Louvre, Tour Eiffel (shown above!), Hotel des Invalides (shown below), Ecole Militaire (bottom photo), to name but a few. The tour finished on the riverside by the Eiffel Tower for the group to get lunch before their 1hr trip on the Seine this afternoon, Bateaux Parisiens.

That is where I left the group for them to have some free time this afternoon before making their own way to their restaurant for this evenings dinner by pont Alexandre III. That has left me free until 10o'clock tonight, so I have been doing the tourist thing with my camera and now I'll go back to the hotel for a kip!!

I spotted a very nice looking Italian restaurant close to our hotel where I shall go for dinner! :-) I am looking forward to a few hours just to chill. This is me clocking off for now! Au revoir!