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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Strasbourg tour -Day 4

This morning we visited the European Parliament in Strasbourg. I wasn't allowed in. So I walked around the outside taking photos. 

That took all of half an hour! So then I had a kip on the back seat! There was no lunch included with the visit so I took them to the park and ride to catch the tram into Strasbourg centre. I also took the tram in. It was the first time I have been in to the centre of Strasbourg although I have done this trip before.

 I forgot to take my tourist map with me so wandered around aimlessly in circles looking for the cathedral. I couldn't even see the spire above the buildings.

 After walking for about 45 mins I finally found the cathedral just around the corner from the tram stop! Already feeling slightly weary I stopped for a coffee in the square next to the cathedral, before taking on the mammoth task of climbing the 300 steps up the spire to the platform. I hadn't got half way up before I decided that this was maybe not a good idea because I don't like heights, I don't like spiral staircases, and there were far too many windows for me to see how high I was! I was starting to hold the rail tighter as I climbed and my knees were turning to jelly! Occasionally the camera was pointed out of a window but I was not looking through the viewfinder! Relief came when I got to the top and somewhere to sit with no one around to see what a state I had gotten myself into! Once I had regained my composure I took a look at the views which were very good. Could make out the Vosges Mountains in one direction, just about see the Black Forest, but unfortunately couldn't make out the Swiss Alpes today.

 Got some good photos before the next challenge of getting back to ground level! It wasn't so bad because there weren't as many windows so I had no idea how high I was, but nevertheless, I still had jelly knees when I hit the pavement! 

I did a bit more walking around the city. Found the Palais Rohan. But after yesterday's visit to the prettiest little town of Obernai, I was slightly disappointed with Strasbourg. Around the immediate area of the cathedral I thought was the nicest, but not as nice as yesterday.

 And as for the rest of the city, it could really have been any city. The usual high street stores, the beggars, the drivers who don't stop when you're on the zebra crossing! Having said that, however, there were some very nice looking patisseries and biscuiteries whose window displays were just mouth-wateringly scrummy!

So then I caught the tram back to the coach in time for a kip on the back seat after my exhausting afternoon, before returning to our hotel. I really can't be bothered tonight to go out to find food so I think a pizza delivery is called for, with a side order of wine! Happy days!