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Friday, 10 May 2013

Day 2 of Paris tour

Well I think I can finally remember the group I have on board! They are soroptamists? Like rotary but for women! Correct me if i'm wrong, but from what i can figure out, they are 'girl power'! They are trying to sign me up, being a female working in a male environment an all!

So today we have been to Fontainebleau. Very beautiful chateaux and extensive gardens, often compared with Versailles, but not as busy :-)

There is a whole town built around the chateaux, also named Fontainebleau. I've spent so much time walking around the gardens taking photos that I've not had chance to go inside the chateaux, although my group tell me that every room just stinks of wealth at a ridiculous level and its no wonder there was a revolution!!

The chateaux itself is a very impressive looking building with extensive grounds. I will upload more photos next week when I can download the memory card. Because the site is of such an enormous scale, even when it's busy there never seem to be many people. There are lots of places to just sit and enjoy the view. The only downside today was the weather. It was cloudy and quite windy all day, I was rather cold in the end.

I would like to come back here again because after listening to what my passengers saw here today, I feel like I've missed so much of what there is to see.

This evening, 10 of the group invited me to join them for dinner at a French restaurant local to the hotel. I have had cream of mushroom soup, lamb and dauphinois, and ice cream. The food was lovely, I've enjoyed the good company and the wine was flowing in abundance :-)! I am now back in my hotel room feeling pleasantly full and rather sleepy! More to come tomorrow.