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Monday, 13 May 2013

Back to normality!

Well today is day 6 of my working week and as usual I have a late finish. I have picked up a group of American students in Stratford-upon-Avon at lunch time today and brought them down to London for them to watch this evenings preview performance of King Lear at the shakespeare globe theatre before it goes on the road on tour. There are 14 students in the group with 3 lecturers. They are studying English at Hanover college. Hanover College is a private liberal arts college, located in Hanover, Indiana, near the banks of the Ohio River. The college is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church. They are nearing the end of a 4 week long educational visit to England. They are staying in Stratford for 3 weeks before moving on to London for a further 5 days before flying back to the U.S.

I have had one of the easiest journeys ever into central London. I'm now parked up on southwark bridge with 6hrs to kill before setting off for home. I've brought my new camera with me again today and I have the Oyster card at the ready! Sightseeing in Paris to sightseeing in London in 3 days can't be bad going! The sun is shining, although rather windy, but I'm hoping for some good shots today :-) Photos will be uploaded in a few days.