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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Strasbourg Tour - the Final Leg!

I am now back at home and have been a bit lazy about writing up the final two days of this tour. But here it is!

So we left Strasbourg early in the morning making our way to Reims. The weather was the best we had seen all week, the sun was shining and the wind had dropped, it was a shame to be leaving it behind. We stopped for snack lunch on route to Reims, where we had an afternoon appointment at the Mumm champagne house, for a guided tour and champagne tasting. I love champagne and I wasn't happy to be missing out on yet another tasting session! I tried the old trick of I'm the driver, do I  get a freebie? To which the answer was, not surprisingly, no! And so I just told as many people as possible that my preference is Demi-Sec, just to drop a few hints!

From there we made a quick stop at Reims Cathedral just for photo opportunities before going to check into our hotel for the night.

The following morning we left Reims and made our way north stopping off in the lovely little town of Arras for lunch. It rained again! From there we had an easy run up to Calais and managed to make an early ferry for Dover. Unfortunately for the passengers there were 30,000 Germans also on the ferries making their way to Wembley for the weekend, but I was okay in my little driver's room!

We had the most horrendous journey from Dover to home due to such heavy traffic on the M25. But anyway, six hours later we arrived in Henley where I was presented with my bottle of Demi-Sec champagne! Everyone was tired but said how much they had enjoyed the whole trip and I was left once again with an enormously large head Because I am such a wonderful driver! ;-)