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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Suffolk and Constable Country - Day 3

A nice slow start to the day today, I got up at 8am and went for breakfast. A lot of the ladies commented how late I was this morning to which I replied, "you're very early considering you're on holiday!" My courier is starting to get on my nerves, forever moaning about our ladies, who are all lovely. A few sharp comments have made her realise I don't want to hear it.

We left at 10am to go to Bury St. Edmunds. Everyone is dropped off by the Abbey ruins and I need to go out of town to park, which is too far away to walk back in so I have a boring time in a lorry park with a bunch of hairy arsed truckers! 

 I've never seen Bury myself before although I have dropped off here many times. Bury St. Edmunds is described as  unique and dazzling historic gem. An important market town with a richly fascinating heritage, the striking combination of medieval architecture, elegant Georgian squares and glorious Cathedral and Abbey gardens provide a distinctive visual charm. 

With prestigious shopping, an award-winning market, plus variety of attractions and places to stay. 

All of my ladies have thoroughly enjoyed their time here today and just about everyone has said what a beautiful place it is. 

One of our ladies had arranged to meet her sister who lives here, but somehow they missed each other which resulted in a lot of her family being very concerned about where she was and whether she was ok. My courier had a phone call from the daughter who had even checked with A&E and it turned out that our lovely little lady had fallen asleep in a cafe and didnt know what all the fuss was about! 

We were here long enough for lunch before visiting Sudbury this afternoon. I was going to give them a scenic drive back to Sudbury but so many people have expressed an interest in visiting Gainsborough's House that I think I shall leave that for Friday, just to give them an extra half an hour. 

On the road this morning, I had a suicidal pigeon hit and explode on my windscreen so I've had to take some time to clean off the blood and guts. There were comments hoping we didn't have pigeon pie on the menu this evening. So after lunch, off we went with a nice clean coach, to Sudbury.

 I hadn't really noticed mrs nipples today, but when she got off the coach this afternoon, I noticed. All I shall say is that it was white leggings today. I felt sick! 

Evidence of Sudbury as a settlement originates from the end of the 8th century during the Anglo-Saxon era, and its market was established in the early 11th century. Its textile industries prospered during the late Middle Ages; the wealth of which funded many of its buildings and churches. The town became notable for its art in the 18th century, being the birthplace of Thomas Gainsborough, whose landscapes offered inspiration to John Constable. 

The 19th century saw the arrival of the railway with the opening of a station on the historic Stour Valley Railway, and Sudbury railway station forms the current terminus of the Gainsborough line. During World War II, US Army Airforce bombers operated from RAF Sudbury.

Today, Sudbury retains its status as a market town with a twice-weekly market in the town centre in front of the redundant St. Peter's Church.

After 2hrs I collected my ladies to return to the hotel in plenty of time for use of the spa facilities before dinner. Mrs nipples once again was laden with shopping. I do hope she is more appropriately attired at dinner this evening or she will put me off my food!

We've had another very enjoyable meal this evening and I have eaten far too much. So after another busy yet successful day, I am off to bed. Goodnight x